A welcome to my fellow new spiders

Spiderforest is doing a campaign to welcome all the new members! So for four weeks we will be showing off some of the awesome new comics! so without further ado:

Week of September 25

The Struggles of Youth

Two new webcomics to SpiderForest about being in a new school and learning new things about yourself... with a twist.

The Nightmare Witch
The Nightmare Witch - Five children struggle to find a future living day to day with a condition that causes them to create monsters.

True Colors
True Colors - The first day of college is a big step…just don’t let the past trip you up. At least there’s free pizza.

Yayy! ok so authors note of the day: 5 kids is not a lot-lot for where they live but but most of Casey's friends are only children or one of two kids. Also real helpful Leal.